2nd Lucid Dream of the Neanderthal’s World

After each recapitulation session, I used the abstract sense data I had collected to intend to ‘go to the Neanderthals world.’ After a few days, my intention to ‘go to the Neanderthals’ world moved down from my head to my abdomen. It was no longer merely a thought and the working of a couple of concepts. I felt unified in body and mind and it became much easier to see more opportunities to collect imaginary sensory data. I knew in my gut that I was afraid to die but in spite of my fear of dying I was exhilarated by the idea of dying for nothing, dying for an idea for a moment to jump into the Neanderthal’s world.

After a few more days of intending it happened.
I found myself fully aware of the dichotomy between our world and this new place. I was aware of myself in two places at once and I was walking through what I thought was the house I grew up in and yet at the same time I knew I was home in bed sleeping.


I turned a corner into the kitchen and my body froze to the spot. I was in awe. I saw a young Neanderthal boy of perhaps 15 or 16 years of age doing dishes in the sink. He had short stocky arms that reminded me of the dinosaurs whose arms were much too small for his overall body. They were short arms in the sense that the muscle from the shoulder to the bicep was way too short. The area of the bicep muscle was strong, formidable but again way too short. His forearms were again too short to be human. His entire body and musculature structure was odd in a way that I couldn’t really recognize. His head was a block set low on his shoulders with almost no neck. Thick bone surrounded his eyes and cheekbones and his mouth and lower jaw protruded far enough out not be mistaken for a monkey but in no way was he human either.

And then I watched his eyes. He was in no way aware of me. The Neanderthal boys’ eyes glistened and watched his moves as he washed dishes and put them into a drainer for drying. Suddenly my entire mood of awe reversed course. I was totally repulsed by what I saw. It was horrific. I detested the sight of this ‘man’ who was short, stocky and his arms were in a configuration that made me experience sheer revulsion. The revulsion I felt was bodily. Every ounce of my body disagreed with what it perceived in that moment. The two opposing and contradictory views in me were so overwhelming that the engineered conscious experience ended. I awoke in my bed.

I recounted the entire experience. I found that for the first time in my life, I understood the sense of sheer revulsion of the Conquistadors who conquered the Indians in Mexico or the Europeans who enslaved the blacks in Africa. I was the Conquistadors and the Neanderthal boy Indian. I felt terrible. I was a man who sincerely believed I loved my fellow man. For God’s Sake, I was a minority! I had grown up with racism thrown in my face and vowed to fight against such stupidity. But now the tables were turned. I felt somehow that my entire cultural heritage, not just as a man of snowy white color, but also as a human being, was invalidated upon coming face to face with the Neanderthal boy. And that we deeply threatening to my ego.
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